Business grants and support

Enhance your online business presence with the Trading Online Voucher, a program designed by LEO (Local Enterprise Office) to support small businesses. This grant is available to businesses based in Ireland only.

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The grant

Trading Online Voucher


This initiative provides financial aid of up to €2,500, requiring a 50% co-funding contribution from the business. Additionally, it includes valuable training and guidance aimed at helping your business thrive online, boost sales, and tap into new markets.

Do you qualify?

Which businesses qualify for a Trading Online Voucher?
Small businesses based in Ireland with a staff of up to 10 individuals, limited or no e-commerce presence, a turnover below €2 million, and have been registered and operational for at least 6 months are eligible to apply.

Why do you need this grant?

Engaging in this program can significantly simplify the online trading process for you. The ability to reduce online trading development costs by up to 50% makes this investment highly accessible for numerous small businesses.

How much will you get?

If your project costs less than €5,000, you will receive 50% of the eligible expenditure. For instance, if your project costs €4,000, you will receive a grant of €2,000.

What are the allowable uses for the voucher?

The voucher can be applied toward any of the following options individually or in combination:

  • Launching multiple new businesses across various industry sectors for clients.
  • Implementing online payments or booking systems.
  • Conducting an SEO audit of your website and making SEO upgrades to improve your Google search rankings.
  • Developing a digital marketing and advertising strategy tailored specifically to your business.
  • Creating and implementing a professionally designed email marketing campaign.
  • Generating new content expertly written for your website, blog, and social media posts.
  • Producing and editing promotional and informational videos for your business.
  • Conducting a Google AdWords and/or Facebook Ads audit and making improvements to your existing campaigns or developing new campaigns to increase web traffic, queries, and sales (note: a recent client experienced over a 200% increase in online sales per month through this approach!).
  • Purchasing online advertising (this purchase cannot exceed 30% of approved voucher costs and can only be drawn down in one payment phase).

How to apply

You can find additional information about this grant and submit your application on your Local Enterprise Office website. The link provided is for the Westmeath LEO branch, but you should visit the website of your local enterprise office in your area to apply.