Privacy & Security


Security and privacy:

We will never ask for personal information (such as passwords or payment details) in an email, phone call or message. We do not take payments over the phone. If you receive such a request, please do not respond to it. If you have any questions regarding a message or email you received, call our support team, contact details below.

Registered business address:

WHB Services, Retreat heights, Athlone, Westmeath, n37yt93. Republic of Ireland

Contact: Ireland: +353830109277 (083 010 9277) or +35314433540 (01 443 3540)

Contact: United Kingdom: +441213189790 (0121 318 9790)
WHB Services (Ireland), registration number: 543073
Vat Ireland: IE1587719WA
Vat UK: GB453965263

Who is calling me from 0834687174 or 0830109277 or 014433540 or 01213189790 ?

Did you get a missed call from us?

Our three and only phone numbers in Ireland are 0834687174, 0830109277 and 014433540.

Our one and only phone number in the UK is 01213189790

We will only call you if you placed an order on one of websites listed above and we need to confirm your address, the items you selected, to assist DPD with delivery, to discuss returning an item as requested by you, or if you requested that we call you. We will not call you for any other reason. We don’t call every person who places an order.

If you received a missed call from 0834687174 or 0830109277 or 014433540 or 01213189790 and you haven’t placed an order on one of our websites listed above and you didn’t request a call, you can ignore the missed call.

Be aware of phone number spoofing.

Phone number spoofing is when an unknown source call you and the caller id displays some other phone number, a number that may be random or of some recognised business in Ireland. Have you ever called back a missed call and the person said they didn’t call you? This is phone number spoofing. The phone companies such as three, VirginMedia, Eir, have no way to prevent this. If you get a missed call or one ring call from either of our two phone numbers and you aren’t expecting it, this could represent phone number spoofing of our business phone numbers.

Mobile phone numbers, WhatsApp, SMS:

0834687174 (+353834687174)
0830109277 (+353830109277)

Our landline phone numbers:

Ireland(republic of): 014433540 (+35314433540)

UK (mainland): 01213189790 (+441213189790)